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Your Report:

We encourage our clients to be present during the inspection process so that any questions can be answered.

Your complete inspection report provides you with an overall description of the general condition of the house including areas of concern and safety issues. The report is in full color along with photos of concerns and issues. You will receive the report within 24 hours of the inspection.

Please call us after the inspection for free consulting regarding any areas of concern.

These areas are covered during our house inspection:

Grounds: porches, steps, walks, driveways, fences and drainage grade.

Roofing: coverings, flashings, gutters and downspouts.

Exterior: siding/brick, trim/soffits, veneer, doors and windows.

Structure: foundation, footings, basement, crawlspace, attics and chimneys.

Garage: roof, walls, ceilings, floor, windows, doors and foundation.

Interior: walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, steps and fireplaces.

Electrical: service, main box, grounding, switches, outlets and fixtures.

Plumbing: supply lines, waste lines, fixtures and faucets and hot water system.

Heating and A/C: equipment, controls, distribution, flue and venting.

Additional Inspection Services:

We will perform the following services, if requested, for an additional fee. Please inform us when scheduling the appointment.
  • Radon monitoring
  • Well and water inspections
  • Septic/Sewer inspections
  • Sewer line inspections with a camera (to view the current condition of the system)
  • Asbestos or mold testing for any suspect items or areas
  • Air quality testing
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